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          "VCADS PRO"  Datalink adapter (interface)                      

The Volvo Truck Corporation is the second-largest heavy-duty truck brand in the world, and it fully equipped  by all kind of electronic systems. Genuine Volvo Service is always performed by skilled and trained mechanics using the best tools and Genuine Volvo Parts. Whether in the Volvo workshop or by a Volvo Action Service roadside team.

VCADS Pro (Vehicle Computer Aided Diagnostic System and Programming), VTT(Volvo Tech Tool),RTT(Renault Tech Tool),PTT(Premium Tech Tool), is the after market tool for diagnostics, calibration, and programming support. This program is used when working on vehicles with Volvo engine electronics 1992 and later. This tool enhances the diagnostic and programming attributes of the vehicle. Utilizing the J1587/1708 information link. VCADS Pro has the ability to perform task such as engine compression test, calibration of the instrument cluster, and programming of software and customer parameters.

Also our communication adapter possible to use with MATRIS - MAchine TRacking and Information System .MATRIS -The purpose of the application is to collect technical information about VOLVO Construction Equipment's products in use and present the information to the operator, and forward it to certain sites, as the main office of VOLVO Construction Equipment.The information is accumulated and stored in the ECUs (processor) of a machine during the life cycle of the machine. The process of collecting information is called reading.The processing of the information into compiled presentation material in the PC gives a comprehensive understanding about the usage and the quality of the machines

Datalink interface which produces our company for "Vcads Pro' working well with all Volvo trucks produce from 1992 to now days.

Also our datalink adapter (interface/translator device), (with different connection cables ) and program "Vcads Pro' can communicate with trucks, buses and construction 'Volvo' Loaders, Excavators, Scrapers (look for full inventory).


This adapter compliant with 9998555 (communication block),and recommended for heavy duty work.


Long time exploitation approved high reliable and efficiently.

Communication unit, connected between the VCADS Pro tool and the vehicle communication socket.
Price 400 Euro.
  Adapter for ABS. Used together with communication unit  for the 8-pin communication black outlet in the vehicle before 1998г. Price 65 Euro.
  Cable for connection between communication unit  and the vehicle communication outlet. OBD-connector Volvo FE и FL,Renault DXI.(88890018) Price 65 Euro
  Cable for connection between communication unit  and the vehicle communication outlet. OBD-connector Volvo BUS B12 ( 9998960) Price 65 Euro
Renault DXI Adapter for DXI. Used together with communication unit  for the 12-pin outlet in the vehicle Renault DXI(VF627). Price 80 Euro
CabelEDC   Adapter for EDC. Used together with communication unit  for the 9-pin communication outlet in the vehicle EDC before 1994. Price 65 Euro
Cabelconstrucktion 14 pin diagnostic adapter, for Volvo construction.Price 110 Euro
  9 pin diagnostic adapter, for vehicles built from  January 1999. (Applies only to North American models).
Price 250 Euro
penta 6 pin diagnostic adapter, for Volvo Penta. Price 150 Euro


Special features of our communication adapter.

1 Application of RS-232 standard gives maximum stability of data communication, even with trucks produced before 1998.

2.Employment of new methods of production, and reliable technology, gives extremely high quality.

3.Interface produces in Russia, in Saint-Petersburg. It is possible to buy it in our office, of we ready send it by EMS worldwide

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